A blog site exclusively devoted to North America can never be short of topics to publish or areas of interest. This is what http://www.christianbrothersac.com is all about.

There is a perception among most people that North America is all about the USA. Actually it is a group of 23 countries with dozens of territories and possessions. These include all the Central American and Caribbean countries as well as Canada, Mexico, Greenland, Bermuda and the USA of course.

The most populous country in North America is the USA followed by Canada and Guatemala. With dissimilar cultures, ethnicity, race, climates and standards of living, reams can be written about this continent which is the third largest in the world after Asia and Africa.

At http://www.christianbrothersac.com you will get all there is to know about this continent. We bring for the benefit of our readers news, information and trivia related to the Continent, from little known aspects to the major attractions of the Continent. For example did you know that North America is home to all major biomes? A biome is defined as a community of animal and plant life that is found in extensive areas of uniform climate. North America is home to every single one of the world’s major biomes. These include grasslands, deserts, tundras, coral reefs and tropical rainforests.

Our blog site is not a travelogue on North America. Though we will give insights of major cities and how to get there, the local cuisine, temperatures and tourist spots, these will be in the form of insights from people who have been there. Thus readers can get information on off-the-regular track spots that give delightful views of the local population and what to do in those places.

We will also have a separate section of the cuisine of the Continent and the must visit eateries that serve local fare.

However, with a subject as huge in scale as North America, we at http://www.christianbrothersac.com understand that it is not possible to do full justice to our blog site with our small set of dedicated bloggers and researchers. Hence we invite experts on North America and other interested bloggers to contribute to our site with write-ups that will interest our readers. The choice of topic is open – fishing, sports, cultural events, carnivals, art exhibitions to name just a few and anything that pertains to this niche.

All articles submitted should be original unpublished ones. Use of interesting photographs and infographics is welcome.

We will inform by email once the blogs are posted on our site.